DIY SOS Telford Design Gallery

Published: 23/06/2017

It was such an honour to be involved in the DIYSOS Big Build in Telford and to meet the Cooper Family. Here are some lovely stills for you!

Dining - We wanted the dining space to feel really comfortable rather than a table stuck in a corridor. Looking after Matthew at home means a constant stream of visitors and carers. I wanted Sue and Leigh to have another comfortable seating option in this open plan space.

Kitchen - We totally re modelled and extended the interior layout of the house to create a spacious accessible interior so Matthew could be involved in family life again. He loves cooking and is a really sociable little boy, we made this space for maximum fun, light and space.

Sitting Room - we softened the wall colour here for a more cosy feel. Stunning locally made Bespoke sofa with modular sections hidden in the cupboards so the sofa could be transformed into a large bed. We wanted Matthew to be able to watch a movie with his friends out of his wheelchair.

Bedroom- an awesome Dr Who bedroom with bespoke wall panelling and illuminated Tardis door. I love using wall panelling as the feel of this room could be totally transformed by painting the walls a different colour. If Matthew gets bored of Dr who, no problem, just change the colour!

Bathroom - like many children Matthew prefers a bath rather than a shower. We managed to squeeze a bath in here with enough space for a wheelchair turning circle. I like to distract the eye from hoists and other kit by keeping the top of the tiles well below ceiling height and using bright colour.

Sleepover Room - we created a fun colourful room for Matthews friends to stay over.

Master Bedroom - using stunning Hessian wallpaper and an exquisite handmade bed, We wanted this bedroom to feel grown up and restful, with loads of wardrobe space and beautiful art.

Office - we maximised storage by moving a wall and building beautiful bespoke cupboards. Caring for a child with additional needs involves a lot of organisation and paperwork. This room will act as a stock room for all of Matthew’s supplies with a quiet, clutter free space for working.Bathroom - Gorgeous sage green tiles, I love this new bathroom

Bathroom - Gorgeous sage green tiles, I love this new bathroom

Spare Room – Fresh and Pretty colours with simple grey and white walls.

Massive thanks to the hugely talent trades and generous suppliers who made this all possible.

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Also heartfelt thanks to the design team Stephanie Cardwell and Renata Garbolinska who are not only incredibly talented but put up with my constant stressing and worrying – thankyou xxx